We all know we cannot live without water,
but do we really understand how important it actually is to our bodies?

The body can go without food for 40 days but it can only go 3 without water!!

We all know we cannot live without water, but do we really understand how important it actually is to our bodies? The body can go without food for 40 days but it can only go 3 without water!!

This is because 75% of our bodies is water, 75% of our brain, 86% of our liver and 83% of our blood is water!
So if we don't keep our body hydrated it is unable to function properly and work to its maximin potential.
But, did you ever consider that the kind of water we drink could be contributing to a host of diseases and health issues??

All water is not equal!!!

Fitness kangen water is ionised, alkaline, anti oxidant water with unique characteristics that have been recognised in medical fields for their effectiveness in assisting the body to rebuild itself and heal itself from many types of illnesses and diseases that are linked to dehydration.

The benefits people, from all walks of life, have experienced are endless! Improvement in areas such as chronic fatigue, arthritis, migraines, gout, asthma, skin complaints, heartburn, poor circulation, weight reduction, acid reflux, constipation, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stomach ulcers, heart disease, cancer and many more! It's shows us how the basic essentials of life, oxygen and water can support our bodies ability to repair itself.
Energy levels go through the roof and athletes have noticed performance levels rise significantly after only a matter of days drinking this water.

Kangen water technology has been endorsed by over 6,500 medical doctors and is recognised as a medical device by the Japanese ministry of health and welfare.
So what makes this water so different from the rest?
Kangen water is water your body can use, the four main properties are,


  • neutralises free radicals
  • contains active hydrogen
  • improves energy
  • high negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential)


  • H20 ph level of 8.5 to 9.5
  • healthy ph balance
  • counteracts acidic foods
  • promotes overall health


  • helps cleanse the colon
  • supports digestive health and elimination of wastes
  • faster circulation of H20


  • superior hydration of body
  • micro-clustered / hexagonal water hydrates efficiently
  • better nutrient absorption

Kangen water technology has been used in hospitals and clinics in japan for 40 years for it's scientifically documented health benefits. It's time to take our health and put it our own hands, take advantage of this technology and information. Help our bodies work to their full potential where we are well enough to heal ourselves and prevent multiple illnesses from taking over our lives. Don't be the last to catch on, have a read of the testimonials and watch the video clips and make a decision to

change your water, change your life!!!


Health & Welness

Water is our main element and also the most powerful natural remedy to purify and regenerate our body! Dr Shinya

Expert Views...

Dr Shinya, One of the Top FIVE Foremost Physicians in the World. He is well into his seventies and still has an active practice and looks to be about 50 years old.

“Kangen Water is alkaline rich water (ph 8-9.5), and is considered the very best drinking water because of its incomparable powers of hydration, detoxification, and anti-oxidation.”

Dr Shinya :: Page 159 - The Enzyme Factor

Dr. Otto Warburg, Chemist, Nobel Prize Winner

Dr. Otto Warburg, Chemist, Nobel Prize Winner

“All normal cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen – a rule without exception.”

“Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline."

"Water splits into H+ and OH- ions, if there is an excess of H+, it is acidic; if there is an excess of OH- ions, then it is alkaline."

Dr. Otto Warburg :: page 4 - Bob Wright pdf

Barak Obama’s Cardiologist Recommends Kangen Water!

Interesting to note that Barack Obama’s current Cardiologist, Gerald Bresnahan, M.D., FACC, and Cardiologist to Presidents Reagan, Clinton, Bush, the Queen of England and the Pope, is now recommending Kangen Water.

Please read the following quote from Dr Bresnahan.

“We have understood the importance of alkalizing diets for decades, but we have been unsuccessful in getting our patients to eat a perfectly alkaline diet because we cannot eat enough alkaline foods to keep our body alkaline. To have something that changes the pH of the body from acid to alkaline based on something we are already doing that is drinking water, we can get people alkaline very easily. Hundreds of thousands of our patients have seen remarkable results from drinking Kangen medical grade drinking water®. We are doing our part in bringing this technology to the medical community in the United States because Kangen water® is revolutionizing the health, fitness and wellness of our nation. This is going to be a great thing for everyone and will change the lives for millions of people.” – Gerald Bresnahan, M.D., FACC, and Cardiologist to Presidents.

Dr. Bresnahan is arguably the best in his field and has served as the on-call cardiologist for Presidents of the United States, the Pope, the Queen of England, and many visiting dignitaries in the Los Angeles area.

Gerald Bresnahan, M.D., FACC, and Cardiologist ::

Dr. Horst Filtzer, Vascular Surgeon

“When I first drank Kangen water I experienced something I had never had before, I liked it, I liked it very much. ... As I investigated the product, as I investigated the concept of ionized water as I investigated the concept of alkalization of the body cells, I became more and more convinced that this is a product that is of absolute value to all mankind. That it is a product that should be used in all households if at all possible, because it clearly is superior to any form of water than I ever encountered.”

“Personally, I can testify that there is no question that my own life has been markedly enriched by the ingestion of Kangen Water."

I endorse Kangen Water as a physician, as a surgeon, as a human being, 100%. I feel that it is of great benefit to all mankind. ... I can only recommend it in the highest way.”

Dr. Horst Filtzer, M.D. a Harvard Medical School graduate cum laude is a Vascular Surgeon. Horst has 35 years of active surgical practice in General and Vascular Surgery at Cambridge City Hospital in capacities as Assistant Director, Department Chairman, and Program Director He is also Director of the Wound Care Center in Western Arizona Regional Medical Center, Bullhead City, AZ.

Dr. Horst Filtzer ::

Your Experiences...

Leah Age 25 - Mother of three

A year ago if someone had told me drinking water could change my life, I’d have taken no notice. My second born Teddy was the sickest child I knew. Nothing serious just colds followed by chest infections, followed by ear infections, cold sores, impetigo... you name it, he got it! In July 2012, Teddy contracted Scarlet Fever, followed two weeks later an eye infection. The infection got so bad he was admitted to hospital to receive IV Antibiotics. The condition was also treated with antiviral drops and ointment. Two months later traces of the infection could still be seen and it was a full three months until he was clear.

November 2013 and Teddy got a bad case of tonsillitis, followed closely by another severe eye infection which flared up and spread across his face within an hour. An eye specialist told us his immune system was low and the eye infection was a secondary infection, a result of him having such low immunity levels.

 I was devastated!! I’d heard about the benefits of Kangen Water and had never really given it a second thought. I was determined to improve the health of my son and ordered a machine the very same day.  The treatment second time around was the same antiviral products as before but this time I sprayed the infection with acid water (ph 2.5) several times an hour. The results were UNBELIEVABLE!!!

The same infection that had taken 3 months to clear was gone within a week.

We as a family drink Kangen Water every day and five months down the line Teddy is a different boy. He hasn’t had one trip to the doctors, not had a single cold sore or a single day off school ill!!

Water can and has changed my life!

Leah Age 25 :: Mother of 3

Kelly’s Story

I was diagnosed with double hit lymphoma in july 2013, I underwent chemotherapy against my wishes because I felt that I had no choice. Following this I was told I would need a bone marrow transplant to live but I flatly refused. I spent a lot of time researching more natural methods and was amazed at the information I came across. According to a Dr Coldwell in America we can cure cancer with diet and supplements, and by alkalining your body, because cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. I changed my diet and starting eating as much alkaline foods as I could and I was doing well but I also had other concerns. I worried about the water I was drinking as it contains so much cancer causing toxins and isn't alkaline so could therefore be undoing the good. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Kangen water. When I heard of these machines I was so relieved as the alkaline and oxygenated water helps me to get my body in the best working order to fight this terrible disease.

I was told after my treatments that my cancer would come back. Up to now I have 2 scans and I am still clear. I believe by drinking kangen water, sticking to an alkaline diet and taking other natural supplements I'm going to stop this cancer coming back for good!!

There are so many other great benefits for the whole family too. It tastes great and is very easy to drink and my skin is looking better than ever! And I am also delighted to say that my son, who is 2, has suffered from chronic constipation and had been under medical treatment for months before we got our machine is now fine and no longer needs medical treatment!

I would recommend this water machine to everyone, for health for the whole family!!

Kelly ::

Sport & Fitness

Main benefits for sport - Hydration Energy levels & Endurance - Recovery - Preventing Injury & Reducing Inflammation - Body Fat Reduction

It is well known among athletic trainers that chronic over-acidity is the underlying cause of pain, inflammation and poor performance. The body draws upon alkaline minerals stored in the bones and tissues to buffer the over-acid state caused by the food.

Most athletes are locked into a dietary pattern that is acid-producing. They do not consume enough alkaline, mineral-rich foods, such as nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Instead their diets contain high amounts of acid-forming foods, such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy, energy bars sweetened with high fructose corn syrup or other unhealthy sugars, and acidic energy or sports drinks. Because of this dietary imbalance, they may be at risk for increased acidosis that affects overall health and sports performance. Since proper hydration is also a key factor in prevent- ing exercise fatigue, consuming restructured ionized.

The use of ion-rich alkaline water is proving to increase competitiveness and overall performance in world class athletes. A diet that supports alkalinity is also recommended by sports nutritionists. Consuming ionized, alkaline water will reduce the accumulation of acidity in exercising muscles, improving work-out intensity and recovery time. Former Denver Bronco Bill Romanowski was introduced to the power of “ionized” water late in his career when he was doing anything legal to maintain his competitive edge.Competitive bodybuilder, personal trainer, author and speaker Wade T. Lightheart advocates the use of Kangen WaterTM produced from the Enagic Leveluk SD501, and credits it for motivating him to come out of retirement.

Wade Lightheart, Canadian National Bodybuilding Team Member Three-Time Natural National Bodybuilding Champion, International Online Trainer

“I’m real excited to talk about my experience with Kangen Water? What happen just a few months ago really shocked me and, I believe, it will be sending another shock wave into the athletic world. I was introduced to Kangen Water when I was invited to attend a demonstration. I went over to check it out and considered myself fairly knowledgeable about water, as I write about it in my books and I recognize the importance. I went over and had my first glass of water and I can honestly say that, from my very first glass, I said “Wow! There is something very different with this water.”

“I know my body very well and I knew that I had never tasted any water like this before. There was something going on at a cellular level as the water went into my body. I started drinking the water and I watched the presentation. Everything that was said during the presentation totally fit in with everything I had learned in the last 20 years. I wasn’t aware of any technology that could produce the results that I was feeling. I had been exposed to other ionizers and, frankly, I hadn’t been impressed. This time I was feeling something quite different in my body in just the first few hours.”

“Over the next few days I drank more water and saw the presentation a few more times. By the 3rd day I looked in the mirror and I could not believe the results. I was losing body fat at a rate that was quite shocking. My recovery at the gym was at a phenomenal rate. I felt like I could run thorough the gym walls. The water was doing something so positive that I decided to put my reputation on the line and I entered the National Bodybuilding Championships. With only 2 weeks preparation I won in two different categories and qualified to compete for Natural Mr. Olympia in Greece. Because of the Kangen Water my physique transformed; my life transformed; I’m thrust back into competition. I believe that Kangen Water, produced by the Enagic® machine is going to be the next great thing in athletic performance!”

“Within the last four months I have learned that I was missing a huge important principal of health that was right before me this whole time. I had always felt that I was providing my elite athletes with all the key factors needed for health and success and energy and vitality, because I was giving then what I believed to be the most important. And even though I taught the principles and the need for hydration, I never understood until about four months ago the need for proper hydration. I taught for fifteen years in the nutrition industry that I cared more about nutrient utilization than simply nutrient consumption. That same principle holds true in the area of hydration and I didn’t really realize that. It’s not about how much water or liquid you drink it’s about how much is actually being utilized within the body.”

“When I was introduced to a company called Enagic®, they provide a very simple technology that improves the hydration of the water that goes into the body. And it’s very simple it hooks up to your water faucet at home. Now, when they started telling me about this, I thought to myself, no way no way, my reputation has always been impeccable in the area of, I only represent things that make a big difference and truly has proven to be beneficial to people, so I thought, water is water. That couldn’t have been further from the truth. I was missing a very key component of our health, and that is proper hydration. Enagic® makes water called Kangen Water. Kangen in the Japanese word meaning “return to origin.”

“The water we consume today through tap, or bottled water, through purification systems, all of that water is very acidic. I had no idea. If you go back to the basics of nature, and you take water from natural springs coming out of the earth, all of that water has a very high pH or alkalinity to it, and the waters that we drink out of the tap or purification systems, or bottled water is far from alkaline, in fact it is more acidic. I didn’t realize that. Acidic water is actually damaging to the body. Acidic water is something we’d want to stay away from. Anything acidic! I spent fifteen years trying to teach people to reduce the acidity within the body and we can do that through the food that we eat. But, that really takes a complete lifestyle change, when in reality I know realize that we can change very quickly, effectively in the water that we drink.”

“This Kangen Water technology is truly nothing short of miraculous in my opinion, because it really provides three different very important aspects to our health that I find very intriguing. Number one is this machine provides a very high antioxidant based water. The second thing I am really impressed with is its micro-clustering abilities and the third component [its alkalinity], Kangen Water is up to a 9.5 pH.”



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